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Banking crisis in Lebanon

ALERT! Access International School Project

Access International School is in crisis. The Lebanese currency (LBP) has lost 67% of its value since October 2019 after the scandalous disclosure that hundreds of billions of dollars have been siphoned out of the country by the ruling class and the country is left bankrupt. The banking system has collapsed and banks refuse to allow US Dollar depositors to withdraw their own money. The COVID-19 shutdown has put the nails in the coffin.

Parents of students at Access International School are no longer able to pay school fees. Since March 1, our school has had zero income! There were rumors that the Ministry of Education was going to step in and pay on behalf of the parents just to secure the salaries of teachers. Yesterday, we received word that the government will not pay anything.

Our school is left with no options and we need your help to continue teaching. Our first priority is to pay our teachers. They have not stopped working after the COVID-19 shelter at home order, but moved to online instruction. They need at least part of their salaries to survive. Some of them are no longer able to pay for food or medicine.

If you see value in a Bible based education for children in Mt. Lebanon, we ask you to act now. Click on the GIVE button and choose AIS 2019-2020 from the drop down menu. YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN ANY AMOUNT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Access International School teaches the Bible daily to all its students and teachers. Parents also participate in regular worship services and conferences. The school is a community of faith, where the love of Jesus Christ is bountiful and His comforting presence gives a peace that passes understanding. CBS Lebanon sees the school as a great investment for the Kingdom of God, because it is sowing the seeds for a harvest of righteousness in future generations. The Word of God is powerful and able to produce faith in people and breakdown strongholds of evil in communities. Many of us yearn and pray for revival and for movements of faith among unreached people groups. It is easy to forget that movements and revivals get started because someone has sown before. This is why the apostle Paul says, "some plant and others water, but God causes the growth." Access International School is sowing and reaping a harvest of faith and righteousness for the Kingdom of God.


Choose how much you want to donate and sow the seeds of righteousness for the Kingdom of God.

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