Founded in 2012, Access International School has helped transform communities in Aley, Lebanon and beyond. The motto of the school is BEAUTIFUL EDUCATION.  How can education be beautiful? It can be beautiful when it produces love from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith. This is well beyond stuffing heads with knowledge; it requires transformed classrooms, working both in the teacher and in the students. Ultimately, this transformation is reaching the parents and families as well.


Our development projects help retain hard working people, essential for building godly Jesus-centered communities in the Middle East. Most young men and women seeking employment have to migrate to Dubai or to Europe, unless they can earn enough income to stay in their own country.


We are dedicated to a long-term holistic approach to training individuals and groups to be leaders. Our leadership training is Jesus-centered and covers four elements: Spiritual Formation, Character, Skills, and Experience. We use formal classroom instruction combined with residential internships to inform, inspire, and equip adults for life-long service in transformed communities.


The UN reports that as of March 2016, 1,050,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon alone are registered with them.  The actual number is much higher because many have not registered with the UN.
Many came with just the clothes on their backs.  Our first response to the flood of refugees in our area was to focus on meeting their immediate needs for food, warm clothing, and heating in their shelters. In the first year we distributed over $100,000 worth of supplies.

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Let's connect

Let's Connect Series is an online course for those who want to transform their communities. It guides the student through a step by step process that leads to setting boundaries, building unity, and embracing diversity in relationships. These are essential elements for building teams that transform their communities.

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Let's Build

This is a training course that helps small groups develop into teams that transform their communities. Right now it is available only to trainees in residence, however, we plan to make it available online so more people can benefit from it.

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